About Me


Our world is a world of diverse elements where beauty can be found almost everywhere. All you need to do is look for it.

In the same world, you can find environments ranging from the densely packed urban jungle to the rolling hills of farm country to sparsely populated forests to barren Antarctic wastelands and each of these environments possesses its own special beauty and charm. In the same world, you can find beauty in the stark majesty of the Himalayan mountains and in the sublime detail in a strawberry seed. In the same world, you can find beauty in the innocent smile of a child and in the wizened, wrinkled face of the elderly. In the same world, beauty can found in a perfect rose, a tiger, a pure white dove or in the face of an insect. Beauty can be found in structures both natural and man-made, both simple and complex.

I do not pretend that a camera can fully capture the beauty, majesty and detail of the world around us. However, I do believe that a photograph can capture a part of that beauty and, in doing so, make the viewer reflect on and appreciate how breathtaking and awe-inspiring our world can be. My hope is that through my photographs, I can bring the beauty of the world to everyone. If you want to contact me about purchasing prints, licensing pictures or even just to discuss my pictures, feel free to contact me at zev@thegracefulimage.com