The San Remo

The San Remo

One of the most prestigious residential buildings in Manhattan is the San Remo.  It sits on Central Park West at West 75th street.

The San Remo is home to a number of celebrities.  It is said to have amazing views of Central Park from its uppper stories.  A two-bedroom condo in the San Remo could be had today for a mere $5.9 million.  🙂

I captured this shot of the San Remo at sunset.  The setting sun reflected off the side of the building, creating an almost unreal lighting on the north tower.  I quickly snapped off a few shots, hoping to capture the lighting as best as I could before it disappeared completely.  I’ve learned from experience that lighting in these situations can change *very* quickly and, sure enough, within a few minutes, the light was gone.

The San Remo At Sunset

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