Macro: Myrtle, Palm & Willow

Macro:  Myrtle, Palm & Willow

Last week’s theme for Fifty Two Frames was “macro.”  I was originally going to try to do a water drop refraction photo, but, in the end, decided on doing a straight macro.

My subject was the lulav bundle which Jews use during the festival of Succos (which we are now in the middle of).  During this holiday, Jews bundle together a palm frond with twigs of myrtle and willow.  Together with a citron (think of it like a bumpy lemon), they wave them during synagogue services.

Myrtle, Palm & Willow

Most people, when seeing the lulav bundle see the plants side by side (myrtle on the right, willow on the left).  I decided to rotate the image ninety degrees, to create a different view of it.

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