The Wonderfulness of Autumn Photography

The Wonderfulness of Autumn Photography

As a photographer, I absolutely love autumn.  There is simply no better time of the year to go out and photograph nature.  Invariably, whenever I go back and review the pictures I’ve taken, I find that those taken during the autumn are among my favorites.

This shot is entitled “A Bridge Into Autumn.”  I found this location in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York.  Everyone always assumes that New York City (of which Brooklyn is a part) must be wall-to-wall asphalt.  The truth, however, is that New York has some wonderful parks where one can escape the concrete jungle.  Prospect Park is one of them.

"A Bridge Into Autumn"

“A Bridge Into Autumn”

I happen to love how you can practically walk into this picture.  The leaves give just a hint of the color show that will arrive in the days and weeks that follow.  The scattered leaves on the ground tell the story of the yearly cycle coming to a close.

I plan to put up more autumn shots as the season progresses.