Nature In Manhattan

Nature In Manhattan

When you’re tasked to shoot a nature picture and you’re pretty much limited to Brooklyn and Manhattan, there aren’t too many places to go.  That was the problem I was facing this week, as I thought about this week’s 52 Frames challenge – Nature.

Despite what you would think, there are quite a few places in New York City where you can get decent nature shots.  The city is blessed with several large parks where nature shots can be found and even some of the smaller parks can give you a decent nature picture if you choose your angles correctly.

One of my favorite places to shoot in Manhattan is the North Woods, located in the northwest corner of Central Park.  When you walk through the North Woods, it’s very easy to forget that you  are smack dab in the middle of the busiest island in the US.

I happen to love waterfall shots and, as it turns out there are some waterfalls in the North Woods.  Towards the northern end of the woods, you can find this idyllic scene, which is the shot that I submitted:

20150406_NorthWoods-22_3_4_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_webWhen the weather gets a bit nicer and as the woods blossom with their spring green, I’ll have to go there again and spend more time shooting in the North Woods.

What do you think of this shot?  Comments, criticisms and critiques are always welcome, encouraged and appreciated.