Fire Island Lighthouse

Fire Island Lighthouse

I’ve taken pictures of many types of buildings in my past, but one that I hadn’t shot before was a lighthouse.  That is, until last week.

I arrived on a late Sunday afternoon (even I know better than to show up at a beach area on a beautiful Sunday at midday!) and began shooting.

One of the first sights that I saw was this guy sitting on a sign and couldn’t help but take his picture:

Bird on a Sign


There’s a bit of a walk between the parking lot and the actual lighthouse.  At first, my lazy self was upset about having to walk all the way there, but the photographer in me actually began to appreciate it.  If I was able to park right at the lighthouse, I wouldn’t have gotten some of the shots that I did.  The long walk to the lighthouse gave me some time to consider different angles and compositions as I approached it.

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My one major regret was not getting a shot with the sun setting in the top of the lighthouse.  Sadly, the angle of the sun was all wrong for that and in order to get it right, I’d have to go into areas which were off limits.  I’ll have to try again another time of year.